Understanding the Difference Between Data Security and Privacy Protection

The average business collects an enormous amount of information regarding its customers and users. This information is sensitive, and should be protected against any unauthorized attacks. Also, it should be protected from misuse and exploitation for profits.

That’s why it’s vital that organizations implement data protection measures such as encryption and authorization to protect against data attacks and breaches. This is also the reason it’s imperative that they comply with global privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

It’s important to recognize that privacy and security for data protection are two different things. Data security is the process of protecting data from unauthorized access, including from insiders and hackers. Data security also shields against tampering and modification. It also incorporates authentication methods such as multi-factor authentication and encryption of data to stop it from being stolen. It also has security features like audit trails and automated policies enforcement.

Privacy, on the other hand, is about controlling access to personal information. It focuses on rights of the consumer and how companies make use of data. It provides guidelines on how data is gathered and shared, and it requires that companies be transparent with customers and users. It also provides ways to resolve issues when they arise.

These days, it’s nearly impossible for businesses to not store and storing huge amounts of user and consumer data. If that data falls into the wrong hands, it could lead to identity theft, fraud and a loss of customer loyalty. It could even jeopardize the security of individuals and countries, put their livelihoods at risk and jeopardize their reputation.

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