Dealmaking Software For Private Equity Firms and LPs

In the course of the process of evaluating and closing deals GPs and LPs need to gather information about investment opportunities, manage due diligence processes, conduct risk assessments and much more. The right software platforms will help dealmakers streamline workflows improving accuracy, and also save time.

A lot of private equity firms utilize different tools to manage their deals. These include spreadsheets, word processing applications, note-taking and to-do apps and Blackbook. While juggling these tools may be convenient in the moment, they eat up time and can result in data mismatch. Dealmakers also face risk when they rely on siloed data sources from third parties as there is no guarantee that the information has been vetted and verified by a single vendor. Small-scale vendors may also vanish without notice, forcing dealmakers to rethink their decision-making strategy.

When it’s a urgent email from a potential client or an unexpected request for more information from a client the dealmaker needs an easy-to-use system that can consolidate and access their data in one place. Dealmakers can reduce time and avoid losing data by using a CRM system that integrates APIs for the most popular collaboration software. They can also utilize a database to organize and store niche tools.

The appropriate M&A software can also assist with the complexity of deal structuring and post-merger integration. An automated escrow service, for example can make it easier to manage M&A by generating and storing transaction specific documents in a central place. Meanwhile, a comprehensive M&A platform can enhance due diligence capabilities by surfacing difficult-to-find company information as well as providing information about the target acquisition’s growth potential and transaction readiness.

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