Tips for Energizing Online Board Meetings

Online board meetings are a great source for making informed decisions. If they aren’t well managed, they could lead to boredom and low levels of engagement. Follow these simple steps to energize your virtual meetings and improve productivity.

Make the agenda available prior to the meeting with all attendees to ensure everyone knows what will be discussed. Consider asking your board members to watch at a distance without distractions. In addition, request that participants use your virtual meeting software’s “raise hand” function whenever they need to speak in order to prevent over-talking and missing the point.

Establish a maximum time limit for each topic in order to keep the discussion focused on the most important issues. This allows everyone to participate and prevents discussions from going off topic or distracting others. Encourage your board members to muffle their microphones when they are not talking to reduce background noises, such as children, pets and coworkers.

Lastly, try to end the meeting in time, as it shows respect for the other board member’s time. It is also a good practice to distribute the minutes quickly after the meeting has concluded. Additionally, it can help to streamline the process of recording and distributing minutes of meetings using your board management software’s built-in capabilities, such as inline task delegation.

This will ensure that everyone on the board is on the same page with regard to what happened during the meeting and what must be done between meetings.

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