The Best Online Antivirus

The top antivirus software online will protect you against viruses, malware and ransomware. Many of the top programs also offer protection against other cyber-attacks, such as scam websites, phishing and data breaches. These are vital features for anyone who is concerned about privacy and wants to track any personal data that may be exposed in data breaches.

Antivirus software is available on all operating systems and the majority of vendors offer multi-platform and multi-device licenses that cover five to 10 devices. These licenses can help you save money, particularly if your family members all use their own laptop and mobile phone.

Modern antivirus software is more than an bodyguard. It functions as a security team, monitoring your email and monitoring your web browsing habits, and ensuring that your home Wi-Fi is secure. These features are all extremely useful and justify the need to pay for premium software.

In addition to assessing the latest malware protection We also rated each program for user experience and ease of use. We compared these factors to the number positive reviews that each program received on reliable platforms such as Trustpilot G2 Crowd, Capterra and Capterra.

Microsoft’s Windows Defender software is free and easy to install, and is virtually inaccessible when used. It’s not as powerful as other options, but it will protect your computer. For more advanced options, Norton is a battle-hardened veteran that comes included with many laptops and provides great protection during tests conducted by independent labs. McAfee is a trusted market leader, offering multi-device and single-device licenses. It is available for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. It is also among the few antivirus programs that can scan smart home devices such as refrigerators that keep lifesaving medication at the optimal temperature.

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