The Difference Between Resellers and Retailers

A lot of people have used the reselling model to make money, whether buying and selling video games at garage sale or sourcing products online. If you’re looking for more than just the opportunity to earn a quick profit, retailing might be a better choice.

A retailer buys products from a distributor or wholesaler and then sells them to the end buyer, usually at more than the initial price. This can be done via marketplaces online like eBay or Amazon or traditional brick and mortar stores. Retailers often also offer an exclusive set of additional services, such a customization or technical support.

Resellers buy items, then resell them at a discount to the buyer and typically sell the product for less than the original cost. Resellers are present in all industries and tend to be less focused on customer service than retailers. They may also rebrand or redesign products with private labels and sell the products directly to retailers or to consumers.

Another major difference between resellers and retailers is that retailers sell to the consumer, whereas resellers are primarily focused on reselling to other businesses. This is particularly beneficial for companies with limited funds to invest in large quantities of product. Retailers can provide various items and services in one location, while resellers usually focus on reselling certain products to customers.

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